Born in Frankfurt to French and German parentage,  gastronomy was central to Emmanuel’s life from a very early age.  Evening meals and family holidays were memorable affairs, as the Eger family shared their love for food through cooking and dining out together.  At eight years old, Emmanuel's request for kitchen utensils for his birthday came as little surprise to his parents who bore witness to early signs of his future culinary journey.

Emmanuel’s enthusiasm for the kitchen culminated at 18 years old, when he commenced his apprenticeship at Restaurant die Leiter in his home town of Frankfurt.  It was at this highly rated Gault Millau establishment that Emmanuel was exposed to the Mediterranean philosophy of care for ingredients.  Through quality selection and simple technique, excellent dishes were realised; a learning that would resonate with him throughout his career.

Following three years of academics and training, Emmanuel qualified as Chef de Cuisine.   Invited to Salzburg, Emmanuel joined Michelin starred chef Thomas Walkensteiner at the five star Hotel Fuschl. Emmanuel was hereby exposed to light and healthy cooking that relied little on the use of butter; instead working with the new wave of modern Austrian chef who was approaching cooking in a new way.

Emmanuel continued his passion for travel and exploration of world cuisine with his next move to London.  Joining Executive Chef Henry Brosi at the five star Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane, Emmanuel cooked for many of the world’s most influential guests.  His hard work and dedication was to lead to the role of Sous Chef at the Dorchester Grill.  

Emmanuel joined Kofler & Kompanie in 2013 and formed part of the senior opening team at The Magazine. Appointed Head Chef in December 2014, Emmanuel is influenced by his favourite dining and cooking experiences from around Europe, utilising quality local produce.  Emmanuel brings a philosophy of care to every ingredient, applying simple techniques to create bold yet balanced flavours.


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